The sulking Prince

I just had a meeting with the teachers at The Prince’s school about his progress there. It was all quite positive – I ended up asking/begging for advice, because the last three days The Prince has been out of my control/ so unmanageable 😦 He is sulking about EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING!
I feel encouraged after my chat with his teachers – I need to be stricter, enforce some boundaries and show him the sulking is not going to make me give in… I need to push through and it will get better. I will not let the moaning get to me… I am a good mother and I give him lots of love. This sulking is manipulating and I think he needs me to be a stricter parent. I’m not sure if any of this makes sense. Chin up mommy bunny.



I’m back…

Mommy bunny is back from holiday and struggling to stick to all the ideals she set herself during the past week.
I have worked out a daily ‘routine’ to follow, but on this first day back to normal I find myself just struggling to do this day. There’s no routine and I’m feeling restless…

We’ve got a new family member – an Australian Shepherd Dog cross Border Collie we brought back from the farm – Logan. He is bringing me some comfort 🙂



Quick update

Quick update while mommy bunny is in town and has Internet reception! I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately…
Also been feeling guilty for getting time off from the kids on the farm, but the psychiatrist said it’s a case of ‘the doctor says!’ (Take more time off away from the kids). He says I should consider ‘good enough’ parenting vs. perfect parenting and that the happiness it might create in me could be good for the kids….

Some pics from the farm before my coffee arrives!



Coffee… Xxx

On the farm

We are on the farm. Left this morning at six and arrived on the farm at oupa and ouma at 4pm.
Half way we visited one of my oldest friends and it was so good for my soul.
On the road I also started reading ‘Shoot the damn dog – a memoir of Depression’. Loving it. The lines that stood out most to me so far is the description of Depression as a monster standing at the gate x(thus always near you, so close) and the reference to light as helpful in countering Depression.
Have such a monster headache now, got to say goodbye xxx

My GOAL for this week is to REST/RELAX/SLEEP – and to read my book and also blog if reception allows.


Queenie with Ouma
Queenie with Ouma


Mommy bunny had a really good session at The Psychiatrist today, despite the embarrassment of talking about getting a Brazilian for my hair and afterwards realizing he might have thought I was telling him about a bikini Brazilian and not a Brazilian blow dry… I nearly died when it dawned on me… To make matters worse I said: ‘I don’t know why I am telling you this, it’s not sometching a man wants to know, but I made an appointment for a Brazilian for my hair…’ (I told him this, as I was trying to talk about my feelings of guilt). I’m really hoping he knew I meant a Brazilian blow dry…

Oh wait – Queenie is crying. Xxx
Mommy bunny

Last night when we weren't looking, Queenie discovered the Lemon Meringue pie in the kitchen
Last night when we weren’t looking, Queenie discovered the lemon meringue pie in the kitchen

Lovely morning

I treated myself to some ‘feel-good-ness’ this morning despite the state of my finances! Hehe. Went to the hair salon for a spoil with Queenie. She was soo good, I actually got to enjoy the appointment without having to worry about her. Afterwards we went to the church to search the second hand books for some holiday reading material. I am very excited, as I found a book called ‘Shoot the damn dog’ (with reference to the black dog! [Depression])

I had quite an amazing thing happen this morning – when I went to the pharmacy this morning to pick up my prescription, the lady chemist (whom I always quietly admire, because she is so pretty and looks so ‘together’) actually asked me about my antidepressants… As there was no one in the queue behind me we started talking about my Depression and her PND and it was all so refreshingly amazing! She even asked for my number. It was so encouraging talking to her… Wow…

Sitting in the car at school now… Picking up The Prince xxx