Hi! I’m the mommy bunny, and today my three-year-old boy is sick. I had to go and get him at play school and I’m home now with him and our fifteen-month-old girl, watching some kind of learning program. I’m not watching. Let’s call my kids The Prince and Queenie.

Today I think I’ll get the Non-Existing Babysitter and dash off to France   for a trip to whatever they do in France. First, I will get a coffee and croissant at a really quaint coffee shop. Then I’ll walk the streets and buy something really French to take home to my kids and The Cyclist (my husband – who cycles ‘incurably’). I will also buy myself a print of one of my favourite paintings…

And just as I was about to take a ride on a Vespa to the beach to sunbathe in a bright yellow bikini, the Non-Existing Babysitter phoned and said that The Prince is throwing up again and complaining of ear pain.

So here I am waiting for the doctor with a child covered in vomit on my lap and another one with a snotty nose tearing up all adverts she can get hold of in the waiting room….

The Prince
The Prince

Next time I’m in Paris I’ll sunbathe with big big sunglasses – looking all glamorous.





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