Broken plugs and pre-clean

The Prince’s miraculous recovery turned out to be not so miraculous and I ended driving back to school in two-thirds of my pajamas to pick up a vomiting little boy.

As I was about to put the clothes and everything else that got caught up in a bit of vomit  into the washing machine, the power button didn’t want to do its thing… Turns out non of the plugs on one side of our house is working. I also cannot switch on my favourite piece of equipment, the dishwasher, which desperately needs switching on…

I think while I’m waiting for the electrician I’ll take a break from pre-cleaning the house for cleaning services (yes, the house is in such a state that I have to clean the way first before the real cleaners can come). The Non-Existing Babysitter can watch The Prince and Queenie who have just now woken up, screaming. I sneak out the door before they notice…

To somewhere cold… Let’s say Switzerland in winter. I’m in some kind of cabin with a fire burning, sitting on a comfortable, soft couch under a blanket with a glass of gluhwein, a magazine and some Lindt. The TV is also on and I’m watching some girly movie, while some soup is simmering on the stove in the kitchen. And just as I am about to get up and sink into a warm bubble bath that conveniently overlooks the TV, the phone rings and it’s the NEB saying the electrician is looking for me and that The Prince is insisting on playing with my computer and he won’t stop moaning until I show him photos on it and Queenie is insisting on the breast or an Easter egg right now… And the dog did something in the house…

Ahh that bath looked so inviting.

The Dog did something in the house...
The Dog did something in the house…

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