Mr President

Hmmm… I just heard on the 7 o’ clock news that our infamous president is getting a salary increase… It’s a farce, I tell you! Sigh, I truly deserve something good so much more than he does…

And I would use my salary increase for something so much better than smart cars and fancy  outfits for five wives. I’m not even going to say I’ll change the world with more money. I would probably pay someone to work in the garden and clean the house on a regular basis and I would buy The Prince a train track toy set and for Queenie I will buy a cute dress or two and The Cyclist will get new pajamas and underwear. And I might trade the Non Existing Babysitter in for a Real Existing Babysitter.

One could dream… This is my dream space, right? Goodnight all mommy bunny followers – I have to get Queenie out of the dishwasher and I need to get The Prince to eat just one bite of supper before he gets his bottle of milk, which the teachers are saying he shouldn’t be getting anymore. Sigh…



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