Just because

Mommy bunny just has to blog this photo of her beautiful Queenie before she goes to bed:

Those eyes
Those eyes

This very Queenie will wake me up at least three times tonight to feed. Sigh. But it’s been a special journey, this breastfeeding. I wish I had persisted more with The Prince. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be. It feels like breastfeeding Queenie has made it easy for her to love me. She WANTS mommy. Mommy is THE ONE. But with The Prince it always felt like I had to fight for his love – that I had to fight to show him I’m his mommy. Anyone could give him his bottle. Anyone could cuddle him to sleep at night. But with breastfeeding, only moimagemmy can.

The price is, of course, I’ll have to wake three to four times tonight! So let me say good night xxx


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