It’s 12:30pm Saturday and everyone, The Prince, Queenie, mommy bunny and The Cyclist, is in their pajamas, as we are doing a big garden clean-up after a windstorm we had in the week.

Mommy bunny is feeling rather unglamorous in her pajama pants, slippers, glasses and frizzy hair and a freaken pimple that decided to appear overnight (I mean what the heck, I’m not 16 anymore!!). I’ve drowned it with some Bio-oil and all should be in order by the time we go out.

Queenie and The Prince trying to feed The Ferocious Dog grass
Queenie and The Prince trying to feed The Ferocious Dog grass

Mommy bunny believes in going out at least once a day, every day. I need that for my sanity. Perhaps the Non Existing Babysitter could come in today and The Cyclist and I could go somewhere…

Istanbul. I feel like some apple tea with Turkish Delight. And a hand-in-hand walk through the Aya Sofia, and then a good scrub and massage at a PROPER, reputable Turkish Bath. Then we can buy some scarves and accessories at the Grand Bazaar, after which we will need some rest – I’m thinking supper at a quaint Turkish restaurant – with lots of bread and poor Turkish Wine, on which we’ll get drunk and then stroll back to the hotel to… Be called back by the Non Existing Babysitter, because Rebecca is doing that strange moan where she wants something that only the mommy bunny can figure out and The Prince wants some more popcorn and everyone should probably get dressed…


I’m adding this song late at night 


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