image Mommy bunny checking in before the new week! I always get a bad case of Sunday night blues… And right now I am stressing about the house starting to get out of hand again, the washing that needs folding, The Prince’s snack box for school tomorrow that I have to pack, me eating too much and about the night ahead and how many times Queenie will wake me, as my breasts are really sore.

I’m too stressed to call the Non Existing Babysitter to come look after The Prince And Queenie, so that I could fly away somewhere… Oh wait… The Prince and Queenie are both asleep. I think I am too tired to dream up some fantasy tonight. Not sure why I am so tired – we had a good weekend. Ended off with load shedding unfortunately – with mommy bunny deciding to take The Prince and Queenie along to church, as we didn’t want to sit alone at home in the dark with The Cyclist being on duty at church. When The Prince started shining the flash light in everyone’s eyes and also asking everyone in church in the dark ‘What’s your name?’, mommy bunny had to drag two kids to the crèche where we had to sit in the dark with one little light waiting until The Cyclist came to get us (by which time The Prince had slammed Queenie’s fingers in the piano and had discovered the Communion Grapetizer…)

It was a good one… The weekend… But now mommy bunny needs to get positive about the new week ahead… But all she is feeling is a pounding heart… (And sore breasts). Good night loved ones.

Photos of our weekend
Photos of our weekend

image image


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