I have a quick chance to blog while The Prince is sleeping in the car (parked inside, doors open – fell asleep on his way back from school, as he’s been up since 5am) and Queenie is happily playing at my feet with a plastic fork and other bits and pieces.

So far the Monster hasn’t been to visit me… I had a lovely morning with my lady friends and I decided my new focus is to work on my relationship with The Cyclist (the seven-year-itch and two kids are killing the moonshine and roses!!), as well as to focus on my spiritual development, by incorporating it into my blog. I’m going to try and add two prayers into my blog every time I blog. One thing I’m grateful for and one thing I need – I’ll pray it.

Lately I haven’t felt the need to get The Non Existing Babysitter to come in, so that I could go on a fantasy flight (see initial aim of this blog)… It must mean that I am STARTING TO BE CONTENT IN MY SHOES 🙂

Here is a photo I took of a The Prince after school today with his new Mickey Mouse shoes: image

Making the ordinary extraordinary – one photograph at a time!

I’ll end off for now with my spiritual goal:

Lord, thank you for friends who walk my journey closely with me. Please help me to be the best wife I can be to my husband.


The Mommy Bunny


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