Popcorn afternoons

Mommy bunny is having some coffee and trying to think what to do next… The dishwasher is going, toys picked up and both kids are eating popcorn and watching a story – not sure for how long, but for now I have time.

I want to write my prayers:
I thank you God that I have two healthy children. Really thank you. I pray for those who cry for their sick children. I dedicate them to you.
Please help me to experience peace.

I believe in the power of prayer. I know that a dear friend said a prayer for me this morning and I can feel it carrying me today.

Mommy bunny was just called back to ‘life’ by The Prince and I also remember now that I have to go take the washing off and fold it and put in a new load!

I’ll try to check in later with a photo or cartoon xxx
If you feel like listening to a song that I feel I can really relate to (quite depro, but lovely!) check out Loudon Wainwright’s ‘Dreaming’. The Prince is seriously calling me now – got to run xxx

Checking back in: here is something I drew from ‘back in the days’ when it still came easy to me!

I just couldn’t get a really nice pic today – but here’s the one I like most, taken while busy with the ‘mundane’ – eating jelly babies!!

Hmm jelly baby...
Hmm jelly baby…


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