First world problems

I guess I am having a pretty good day if my only problems so far today have been first world problems! Loadshedding – blegh! When the electricity is literally off between 10am and 12:30pm during the day, it challenges this stay-at-home mom who tries to be out and about during the day to counter her Depression.

First it meant no coffee at the coffee shop, and then it meant practically no shops open in the mall and finally searching for meat for supper with the light of my cell phone in the grocery store. Although all of this meant a dark morning for me, I couldn’t stop thinking that if these are the kind of problems I face in my day, first world problems, I should be very grateful.

Although I think one should not be made to feel guilty for becoming depressed because of first world problems – this is the only life I’ve ever known… I should be aware that my problems aren’t big, but they are not insignificant. When I look at my kids, I can’t help but think that no one is insignificant. Each of their problems will be important to me. And so it must be with us and God.

Lord, I need you to help me with my first world problems: I’m scared of the rest of this afternoon and entertaining the kids. Please be with me and encourage me. Thank you that my problems are only first world problems.

The Prince and Mama's old ponies
The Prince and Mama’s old ponies

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