Icing sugar, flour and popcorn

The Prince has middle ear infection!

Going to the doctor and town with two under four-year-olds is not easy – and it was raining. At the doctor I had to leave Queenie in the car while I took The Prince in, and explain to him that he must wait with the nice lady because I’m going to get his sister. After the appointment we had to go get the medicine, and I had to then explain to The Prince that he had to walk by himself, as mommy had to carry Queenie. By the time we got the medicine Queenie had made The Biggest Pooh nappy coming out her back (!) and I had to change her on the bed at the clinic sister and pop the nappy into the bag (which I was so grateful for) in which The Prince’s antibiotics came. I then had to pop into the shop with both, after which a friendly lady from church helped me to look after Queenie while I put The Prince and the groceries in the car in the pouring rain.

Now we are home and The Prince is making a big fat mess with icing sugar and flour on the coffee table and Queenie is eating popcorn while sitting on a kiddie chair watching her brother and the TV. Now she is crying and tugging at my leg. She has just shown me her dislike of the popcorn I gave her by throwing it out on the floor.
It’s 3pm… And I need to ‘perk up’ for the remainder of the day. And then of course we have loadshedding tonight from 6pm… Lekker.

I really think I need to do my prayers for today. Lord, thank you for meeting me today through small (big) ways – the parking in the rain right in front of the grocery store and pharmacy, the lady from church who watched Queenie, even the bag that came with the antibiotics. Help me to find the silver lining in the rest of my afternoon with the kids. May the black dog make way for one that will bring us happiness, warmth, laughter and love.

Mommy bunny xxxx
The Prince just showed me the lovely mess he made with icing sugar on the floor… And now Queenie has started playing in it… Why do I not have the strength to stop these kind of messes from happening??

The Prince playing with flour on the coffee table
The Prince playing with flour on the coffee table

imageQueenie looking a little neglected today


2 thoughts on “Icing sugar, flour and popcorn

  1. …it’s all our fault you know! the mess! the getting away with all the little things we cannot be bothered to care about…BECAUSE WHY? IT IS NOT WORTH CARING! Yes, we have to clean that mess and yes, we have to wash those hands and faces – but you know what – they are tiny hands and the beautifullest faces and that 5 minutes of play granted us the 5 minutes we needed to breathe…sigh…and WATCH! and maybe go to the loo for a FAST tinkle…LoL
    I absolutely adore your writing!

    I do not feel alone in this mission – this challenge they call parenthood!
    Skool WAS NIKS! compared to this!


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