Wednesday afternoon

So far today I have been very busy, which is great for my Depression. I was just settling into the afternoon with the kids when I found out that Alex’s school will be closed for two weeks in July with no holiday program… Talk about a challenge. I have no idea how we are going to make it through those days… I will have to work out an action plan!

I have an appointment with The Psychiatrist coming up this Friday, and I have no idea what I’m going to tell him, because lately I’m not sure how I am feeling: I used to be able to know the difference between feeling down and being Depressed… But I don’t anymore… The lines have become blurred. So I have no idea what that means for treatment in the future.

Right now The Prince is watching Tinkerbell and Queenie is playing at my feet with her fairy wings on and an airplane. Okay so that just all came to a stop when The Prince pushed Queenie over for coming too close to him and his toy pink plate and fork. Tears.

But Queenie is resilient, and after some cuddles from the mommy bunny, she is … Nope not anymore – I was about to say she was playing with the silver Landrover, but The Prince just grabbed that from her. More tears. And mommy bunny needs to intervene xxx




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