Lovely morning

I treated myself to some ‘feel-good-ness’ this morning despite the state of my finances! Hehe. Went to the hair salon for a spoil with Queenie. She was soo good, I actually got to enjoy the appointment without having to worry about her. Afterwards we went to the church to search the second hand books for some holiday reading material. I am very excited, as I found a book called ‘Shoot the damn dog’ (with reference to the black dog! [Depression])

I had quite an amazing thing happen this morning – when I went to the pharmacy this morning to pick up my prescription, the lady chemist (whom I always quietly admire, because she is so pretty and looks so ‘together’) actually asked me about my antidepressants… As there was no one in the queue behind me we started talking about my Depression and her PND and it was all so refreshingly amazing! She even asked for my number. It was so encouraging talking to her… Wow…

Sitting in the car at school now… Picking up The Prince xxx


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