Mommy bunny had a really good session at The Psychiatrist today, despite the embarrassment of talking about getting a Brazilian for my hair and afterwards realizing he might have thought I was telling him about a bikini Brazilian and not a Brazilian blow dry… I nearly died when it dawned on me… To make matters worse I said: ‘I don’t know why I am telling you this, it’s not sometching a man wants to know, but I made an appointment for a Brazilian for my hair…’ (I told him this, as I was trying to talk about my feelings of guilt). I’m really hoping he knew I meant a Brazilian blow dry…

Oh wait – Queenie is crying. Xxx
Mommy bunny

Last night when we weren't looking, Queenie discovered the Lemon Meringue pie in the kitchen
Last night when we weren’t looking, Queenie discovered the lemon meringue pie in the kitchen

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