A New Day

I had such a lovely afternoon yesterday with the kids and just being what I am, that I am afraid that today could never be as good or as fairly easy as yesterday…  I think my ‘secret’ for yesterday was to keep it light: after The Prince pulled a whole bush of newly planted flowers from my garden on Wednesday, I was so upset with him I kept saying to him ‘NO NO NO!! NO NO NO NO NO!!’ There was so much confusion on his face and he just kept saying: ‘But I love flowers mommy!’ ‘NO NO NO NO NO!Flowers broken!’ ‘But I love flowers mommy!’.

That night in bed my heart just broke thinking of his face and words. I decided right there that I had to be more patient with the kids – I wanted them to have good memories of mommy being at home with them. And I jut realised again what a privilege it was to spend my days with my children. I somehow got peace in my heart that home with my kids is where I must be – and I will be trying my best to keep it light and full of love at home.

It helps when I have cleaned up the house before The Prince comes home in the afternoons. I think my recipe for now is a more or less clean house before The Prince comes home, and a light and thankful heart for being with my children… to not take everything so seriously. Tomorrow this recipe might not work for me anymore, but I take it one step at  a time, and for now, I’m head above water without too much of a paddle.


The Mommy Bunny


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