I am important

The mommy bunny has been feeling strangely at peace with where she is at now in her life. I’m at peace with ‘just’ being with the kids – playing tractors, building blocks, playing dress-up, dancing, watching Sleeping Beauty three times a day, playing figurines, walking in the garden, handing out popcorn and juices, making sandwiches, cleaning the house and clothes and children and bums – the whole day long – everyday. This phase is going to pass one day and my children will never be this ‘in love’ with me again.

I also realised something important about myself this morning that helps me with this stay-at-home mom journey and that all moms should remember: no one on this earth loves my son more than I do. I am the one person in this world that loves my daughter the most. That makes me a pretty important person.

The mommy bunny



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