Am I bad?

Today it feels like I’ve been reprimanding and fighting with my toddler the whole day!! Mommy bunny is super annoyed… And feeling soo guilty about it. I think when you really love your children, you feel very guilty when you realise they are annoying you…

After play school, The Prince INSISTED (insisted!!!) on watching some story with a name I couldn’t understand (something about a ‘tannie’ monster/rhinoceros). After about half an hour of moaning about the ‘aunty/tannie rhinoceros story’ (?!) he started accepting other stories, which I then had to change at least ten times.

Then The Prince wanted to bake cupcakes and I told him we didn’t have the ingredients. He continued asking for cupcakes, stating he was very hungry (but didn’t want anything else) for about half an hour.

Next he wanted to paint and insisted mommy paint with him. I really really didn’t feel like painting. And we had to build puzzles, and I really didn’t feel like building puzzles.

Later he broke a glass, accidentally, then laughed about it. Sigh. I really felt like screaming. Today I was so annoyed.

I guess what I want to know is… Is it okay to feel annoyed by your kids sometimes? Please tell me I’m not alone. Just writing this makes me feel so terribly guilty. I always fear that when I write something negative about my kids that God will take them away from me as punishment. Lord, have mercy on me – and grant me all the patience I need to be a good mother.

My sweet sweet Prince...
My sweet sweet Prince…

2 thoughts on “Am I bad?

    1. Haha, oh boy – it’s The Prince who laughed at the broken glass!! Adding to my annoyance at the time, hehe! I got a message from another friend last night, also telling me that it is completely normal and that I can sleep at peace, knowing that I didn’t do anything ungodly or wrong for being annoyed with my children. I just needed to hear I’m normal and not a bad mommy!


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