The toughest week of my life is behind me! The mommy bunny has never been so sick. Today is the first day in a week that I am feeling healthy and happy again. I had my first proper meal this morning in a week’s time and it’s the first time in  a week that I am not feeling nauseous or that my tummy is not turning. I am elated!

When I was this sick, I actually longed for the everyday menial tasks – to perform them without the nausea, without the discomfort of illness and pain. I longed for it to be easy again to just help The Prince put his underwear on. To get him ready for school. To swing him for the tenth time in a day. I longed to just pick up Queenie every time she cried, and to give her popcorn every time she brought me her little bowl. I longed to just lie next to her again at night and feed her, even if it’s for the third time that night – but just without the sickness. I suddenly realised, when I was sick, how lucky I was to do these every day, mundane things (switch channels, change stories twenty times, make sandwiches the whole afternoon, play outside or in the den, lie on the floor, wipe bums, change nappies, change clothes, feed tummies) – to do these ‘small’ things, without the burden of illness. I have become so grateful for my health. Grateful, grateful, grateful….



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