Being present

It’s afternoon and I’m sitting with my kids – we are watching a story and The Prince is eating cheese and Queenie is eating popcorn. The Ferocious Dog is watching her every move, waiting for her to drop a piece or shove it in his mouth.
I’m trying to learn to be in the moment with my kids. It is so hard – I think about things to do, about snacks, errands, tomorrow, yesterday, tonight… But I don’t stay in the moment.

I don’t know how to do it, but that is what the mommy bunny will be practicing this week. Being present. If you have any tips for me, please do help!!

Love xxx

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On little drowned boys :-( And lucky little boys.

The shocking image of the drowned little Syrian boy that has gone viral lately ( ) has also entered the mommy bunny house. I pondered this horrendous picture and it’s meaning most of the day.

I felt so powerless – nothing I could do could change these children’s lives.

All I can do is reach out to those in my own community who are in need. I can give clothes and blankets and food and love and a helping hand or go through trouble for those who come my way.

We complain that God is allowing so much sadness – but perhaps the problem lies not with Him, but with us.
I’m waking up, and opening my eyes and heart to those who come my way.

The mommy bunny
Ps: amidst the sadness today, there were also light and love as The Prince decorated my dead hibiscus tree with plastic bags, garden gloves and a shower cap. He said he was making a ‘jingle bells’ (Christmas tree!).

A very lucky little boy who doesn't have to worry about war
A very lucky little boy who doesn’t have to worry about war

Spring in the mommy bunny house!

When it’s the first of September, the mommy bunny does not care what the weather is like – in her mind and heart it is spring! Prone to be seasonally depressed, the first of September marks for me the coming of better weather and easier, lighter days! It is spring in the mommy bunny house!

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The kids picked this for me!!
The kids picked this for me!!