A Safe Space (for a little boy who adores dresses and tiaras)

If you are not familiar with my son’s dress-wearing journey, you can read about it here: https://nicolettewrites.wordpress.com/2015/01/28/my-sons-dress/


Since Queenie got her three tutus, we’ve been trying to keep them from The Prince, telling him it is Queenie’s special dresses. But last night he got hold of the pink one (his absolute favourite colour) and when I found him in his room behind a closed door, he was beaming with joy, standing in front of his mirror in the pink tutu and his tiara on. He was loudly declaring: ‘I’m Rose! I’m Rose!’ (The lead lady in Sleeping Beauty – his favourite story).

It cost some convincing The Husband to just let The Prince be… You see, hubby has been very understanding and supportive, but also, understandably, being a real ‘farm’, nature, rugged one himself, this has been a very difficult journey for him.

But the mommy bunny is thinking… If The Prince can’t be himself at home, where can he? And if he grows up in a house where he can’t express himself, where will he go one day when he is older to express himself? This momma will do her best to make home a safe space for him.

I have noticed more and more that The Prince takes off his dresses when we go into a public space or when other boys enter his presence. But at home… At home he gets into his little pink tutu and tiara… Which tells the mommy bunny he feels safe at home with mommy. And that is right. If he can’t feel safe with me…

Mommy loves you little Prince, tiara and all. When you are Rose, and when you are The Prince.



2 thoughts on “A Safe Space (for a little boy who adores dresses and tiaras)

  1. Such a tough one Nicolette, but i love to watch the journey of how this plays out so thanks for continuing to share me – can imagine the context makes it tougher and can only imagine comments, eye rolls and possibly worse from those around you… i don’t know what i’d do but i do know your actions are being motivated by love and that’s not the worst place to err… all the best and thanks for keeping me in the loop!

    love brett fish

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