Popcorn Friday

Mommy bunny really hates cliche love songs, but tonight I kept hearing ‘I never want to let you go’ over and over in my head, while holding The Prince in my arms at bedtime. He had a really hard day at school today… Two time outs on the ‘thinking chair’ and a third after I came to fetch him and before we left: in the time I was chatting to his teacher he disappeared behind the lockers and took someone else’s popcorn (he forfeited his because he was a bit naughty today – it was popcorn Friday) and he was eagerly shoving popcorn (someone else’s) in his mouth when his teacher and I found him. Sigh. So tonight in bed, before he fell asleep, he told me: ‘Mommy, I was really hungry for some popcorn.’ My heart broke. I asked him if his heart was sad, and he said yes, with a quivering voice. I told him that it’s okay, that mommy’s heart was sore too, that I loved him so much and that everything was OKAY.


I hope that one day when my kids are 30 I can still hug them, hold them and tell them that I hurt with them, that I love them regardless and that everything is OKAY.

Good night fellow mommy bunnies xxx

Sorry I have been quiet – I am busy with a fight with that damn black dog xxx




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