The Mommy Bunny

Here I am – this blog. I am a used-to-be freelance writer and now stay-at-home-mom of two.

Why mommy-in-a-bunny-suit? We’ll, it’s inspired by the song ‘Bunny in a bunny suit’ by Simone White, but to me it’s more a reference to the mommy suit I have to put on to cover my struggle with Depression and be there for my children, regardless of how I am feeling. I have to put their needs first – so I put on my bunny suit, and off I jump – taking care of the babies.

Listen to ‘Bunny in a bunny suit’ here:

Ps: in this blog The Prince is my three-year-old, Queenie my one-year-old, The Cyclist my husband, and the Non Existing Babysitter a make-believe babysitter who watches the kids while I go on fantasy flights. Oh and The Ferocious Dog is our miniature Dachsie 🙂


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